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I’ve known for awhile now that has a stalker, and I don’t mean the kind who hangs out and reads because they genuinely care but never comments. I’m ok with that kind of stalker, but that’s not what we have here. What we have here is someone who doesn’t care about Zoe or her struggles/milestones (we have one coming up but I’ll post separately about that). This person searches the site, and occasionally lurks at sites I’ve linked to here all in a effort to get to me and make my life difficult. They have a battle going on and while Zoe is certainly not a part of that, neither am I in all honesty, they have decided to make her a part of it by trying to use to further their own agenda. In their twisted reality bringing someones child into a fight is acceptable. Well, I’ve got news for them, it’s not acceptable in mine and I’m going to do everything in my power to stop them.

That said, there are going to be some changes made to in the near future. Subscribers to the site should be hearing from either Nikki or myself shortly with the changes and what it means to you as a faithful Zoe follower.

I apologize for any inconvience this may cause but I can’t let someone bring Zoe or this site into something they don’t have any business being part of. I appreciate all of your continued support.

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  1. Do what you need to do, honey! Zoe comes first!

  2. I have had Zoe in my blog reader for some time now and was drawn to her story because my 5 year old is pending transplant for RCM. Zoe’s story has helped me through understanding some things since you all have been there already! I hate to see something has happened! I am adding myself to the email/feedburner thingy so I can follow wherever her journeys go from here. It’s so sad it’s like this these days….

  3. Dawn Woodings

    May 13, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    I think this is a darn shame & I’m guessing by now this person knows who ‘they are’ here! I’m quite sure if you contact a legal authority & if you ‘know’ who this person is (I’m sure you do) then I would definitely see what can be done legally. Zoe doesn’t need to be part of anyone’s drama nor do you! You have had enough & so has Zoe! I can see & understand your emotions in wanting to just ….well….I know how you feel. This is you’re site & it’s for Zoe….if you want to post something how can anyone seriously stop you….is there a ‘copy write’ to the content of what you’re doing….I seriously doubt it unless it’s your copy write… Is this something that you’re going to have to deal with for years to come???? What next will it be?

  4. The pathetic lengths some people will go to in order to get attention, stir up trouble, or otherwise act like they’re three is amazing. And frankly, some can’t help but act like a$$holes.

    Shame on them.

  5. I’m a fan of your page and have been since a friend of mine at work let me know about Zoe as she works with Zoe’s school. Your story as a Mom and Zoe’s as a courageous little girl is very inspirational and I enjoy periodically checking in to see how you all are doing. It’s so sad that there has to be people out there who can ruin something like this. I hope that this person who is doing the stalking sees that what he or she is doing is wrong and hurtful and I pray that that person leaves you alone. My continued thoughts and prayers go out to you and Zoe and the rest of your family. I hope this person will take a hint and get lost!

  6. keep us posted.

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