The Changes You’ve Been Waiting For

I hate even having to put this form up here because it means that Chrissy’s freedom to talk about life with Zoe and Gabe and all the changes in their family is no longer there. It means we have be wary of people who are reading and censor ourselves. It stinks. It sucks and I don’t very much care for the person who is doing this to my sister and my niece. But I have faith that what goes around comes around if they are truly the person that I believe them to be… then what they are putting out there will come back to them 10 fold. The world works like that.

Unfortunately, as Chrissy said though, there are changes coming. I’m sure some of you have noticed that already posts (and eventually pages) are being blocked from being seen. This is not a mistake. We have decided to password protect some blog posts that otherwise might have been shared with everyone.

If you are interested in reading all of the posts (Chrissy has said she’d like to blog more often – HAHA! I’ve converted her), then please take a minute to fill out this quick form. It’s 4 questions – very simple and basic. You give more information about yourself when you get your driver’s license, so we don’t think the information is too invasive.

We aren’t selling or sharing your information with anyone. Only Chrissy and I have access to it.

Once we have a chance to review your responses, we’ll be emailing you with more details on how private posts will work.

As Chrissy said, Zoe is doing well! She’s healthy and that’s good but there’s so much more that Chrissy wants to share about life today that it seems a waste not to do it here (or start somewhere fresh – though I can make that happen if she asks me).

Hopefully this is only temporary but until then, we’ll do what we have to short of shutting the blog down.